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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thing 25 Bloggers Toolkit

I read through all of the material on thing 25, bloggers toolkit. The only thing I added to my Blog was a weather gadget. This gadget is something that I will actually use and I wanted to try adding another gadget since I had forgotten how to add them. I am only doing a blog so I can help patrons set up a blog. Since I am not trying to increase traffic to my blog and most of the widgets and tools had to deal with social networking features, sitemeters, quizzes, etc, I chose not to add any of these features. If I didn't have a Mac at home I probably would have added and edited more photos on my blog. All of my photos are on my Mac at home and I am currently working on editing the photos so I can create more digital and traditional scrapbooks.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thing 36. Comic Relief-Generate Some Fun

I had a horrible time with this Thing. I did go to ToonDoo and found a couple of library-related comics. You are right, they aren't that funny! I tried to share the comic on my blog, but not all of the frames appeared. I tried it a couple of times with the same results. I did look at a couple of the other generators but I didn't find anything that I like. Since I have never, ever liked comics I am done with comics and will not post anymore.

Thing 43. Online TV & video.

I checked out Hulu. I watched an episode of Bones that I had missed on network TV. Although I prefer a regular television it was a good way of keeping up with the series. I also created a login and selected a couple episodes of Monk to view at a later date. Since this could be addicting and I am very busy at work and at home, I am going to watch these episodes at a much later date! I also recommended a video to a Friend.

Thing 34. Is it competition? Online Answer sites.

I read all of the articles. Librarian 2.0--Interviews of the future of librarians was my favorite article. Jenna Freedmans interview spoke to my heart and head. I agree with her that librarians and libraries need to prioritize service to patrons and learn to value public service as much as shiny new tech toys! I also agree with the conclusion reached by Stephen Abram, the author of "Evolution to Revolution in Chaos". We(librarians) should start working today on a new world balance of personal service-virtual, in-person, and computer mediated. I also looked at the Mahalo and AskMetafilter answer sites. I can now understand why the public likes these sites. The answers to the questions I looked at were spot on. I also checked out the Slam the Boards wiki. I think that it is a good idea. Hopefully, the slam the Boards wiki will make the general public more aware of the tradition of public service provided by librarians.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Thing 27. Twitter

I visited Twitter and signed up for a free account. I chose to keep my tweets private. I did try a few tweets to see what it was like to send them. I did look at the Youtube videos for How to Use Twitter and How to Use Twitter for Business. If I was interested in marketing and had 4-5 hours to spend on Twitter I could see where Twitter could be useful. I did enjoy looking at the Hibbing and Luria Library Twitter sites. Current library programs, info on tax help, new library hours and recommended books all on 1 page. For people living in these areas I could see where these sites would be helpful. I am following two sites, an Obama site and a co-worker site. I doubt that I will look at these much since I prefer to IM work colleagues and I like sites with a lot more information but I will probably check out the Obama site every couple of weeks. Basically, I don't really want to know what celebrities or friends are doing every minute of the day and I have other ways of finding out important information but at least I know how to Twitter. I also don't have hours to check out these sites or keep mine updated!

Thing 26. Join the 23 things on a stick Ning

I joined the 23 things on a stick Ning. I also joined the Ramsey county Librarians working on Things on a stick and added a comment to the comment wall. I also added two friends. I posted a Ning badge to my Facebook Page. Ning isn't something that I will use in the future since I prefer to imail my Ramsey county colelagues and I don't have time to check other NING groups or to chat and leave comments.

Thing 24. Refresh your blog

After a hectic few months I finally found some time to refresh my blog and by blog so I can work on more things. I rearranged and updated some of my my blog postings. After a few attempts I added a new gadget and added new information to my profile. I also deleted my old avatar and created a new avatar complete with a spring/summer background. I am not at all into avatars, gadgets and blogging but I am trying to learn more about blogging and everything that you can add to your blog.


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